What's your Favourite Tetra?

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Would you say just turning the heat up is a better method?
Honestly I'm not sure. My clown loach was the first to come down with it, and was clearly worsened by the treatment, so if you ever fall into that situation, I'd keep the loach(es) in a hospital tank and treat them by turning the heat up and hoping for the best. Then treat the main tank with treatment.
Gotta be Bloodfin Tetras for me. The way they school is gorgeous and their red fins against a planted tank just ahhh it gets me every time I walk into my bedroom where my tank is
I have only been fishkeeping for about six years now, so I don't have much experience with tetras. I have only had two species, neon tetras and Red Eyed tetras. The neons were a failure for me, none lived very long and these fish had ick and lord knows what else was wrong with them.

The Red Eyed tetras lasted about ten months, I had ten of these to start with but lost one right away. Over a couple of months lost another one, then another one died. But the killing blow for the Red Eyed tetras was the last water change. I have no idea why, because I have done the same thing for water changes over the past 10 months. But this last time the Red Eyed tetras (there were six) all died but one. None of the other fish, snails, etc were affected at all. My two angelfish that share the same place in the water column as the tetras showed no sign of stress. Then I found that one dead on my living room floor this morning, it had somehow managed to jump through a gap in the back of the lid, where everything concerning plugs ins and the canister filter's intake and outtake.
Cardinal tetras for sure.
I have to admit that their colours are quite nice, but mine just used to sit idly in the tank where they found it most comfortable, never really played along. Possibly because my group was too small.
Yeah, probably group size. I had 10 and they were great. The way the male sparred each morning was most impressive.
Lemon Tetra. I once had a dozen in a 20 high and they were a beautiful sight. I think all tetras look best in large groups. You know what ? I can't ,for the life of me, think of even one ugly tetra. They are all beautiful.
I'm not a fan of chunkier tetras, to be completely honest. I find the smaller ones quite lovely.
African tetras in general. They grow larger than the more commonly availabe tetras and are very underrated.

Some of my favourites are the classic Congo tetra, Phenacogrammus aurantiacus and Arnoldichthys spilopterus.

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