What’s a fish you wish existed?

An Arapaima once decided to eat my head, and if I had been more trusting, it would have given it its best shot. I jumped back just in time. They have already decided to eat us - it's just a matter of technicalities. Plus we humans are kind of fat, and they can't digest us well.
had to look up Arapaima, for sure... I hope it wasn't a 3 meter fish, it may not have stopped at the head...
You've been in the water with Arapaimus guidedmissilus? Yikes.

Reminds me of a video of a diver, in full wet suit, snorkel and flippers, in a clear pool in the flooded forest at dusk, with a foot long gulper cat trying to swallow him elbow first.

It's probably a good thing tetras aren't a foot long.

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