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What’s a fish you wish existed?


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Dec 8, 2023
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Athens, GA
A little bit of a silly question but should be fun. Any kind of fish you wish existed to put in your tank. I’ll go first(!):
A yellow chili rasbora.
I like monkeys.
I like fish.
I’d like to have a Monkey Fish.

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A purple siphon pumpout tetra that could be trained to do water changes, working with the Tapwater manipulating Cichlid.

Or a conversational Satanoperca so I could learn what the fish with intelligent looking eyes had to say about the world.
@JackGulley Bororas micros is a very uncommon close relative of the chili Bororas (they aren't Rasbora really - check Seriously Fish for a good explanation). It's sold as a yellow fish, though it is not the yellowest thing ever seen in photos. It could be camera flashes blanch the yellow, or it could be a marketing attempt. I have never seen them live.

I've kept and bred Bororas maculatus, and when you get a large group, there are some yellow individuals. Here I had maybe 1 out of every 20 fish. They're just fish that don't get good colour, and like Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, they don't seem to get invited to the reindeer games when breeding times comes around.

I know, I'm being THAT guy - the one who gets serious in a sea of good jokes...
Micro Pompadour, something like a quarter big. Or fresh water Porcupine Puffers would be cool.
When I was a kid, I used to dream of a fish that was quick and agile, with sharp teeth. This fish was completely peaceful and solitary (and for some reason I always pictured it being rather dull looking) until it saw another fish acting aggressively, toward itself or others. Seeing such injustice, it went into action, only biting the fins of individual fish whom it noticed attacking others. Specifically, it would flee the aggressor, causing it to follow, then suddenly flair its fins, come to an abrupt halt, and turn the tables on the pursuer, a la Maverick and Goose in the original Top Gun. Thus, this righter of wrongs would train aggressive fish to behave themselves.

Ah, such a lovely daydream. Also, I didn't get out much as a kid. :lol:

Then I got older and learned about compatible species, and the Barbus topgunnus was consigned to the ever-growing scrap heap of interesting but doomed ideas.
I actually had my alpha clown loach do what the badger describes. The big gal used to fight with the next two fish in the pecking order which were big but not as big as she was. The #3 fish soon learned it had no chance fighting above its status, So it decided to pick on a smaller fish than it. The #1 was not going to let this stand and she would go after #3 whenever it started to harass the lesser fish. it did not take long for #3 to undestand it would get it's ass kicked every time it picked on the smaller fish. #3 gave up that behavior in fairly short order.

I found this most interesting to observe. I have not seen this sort of protective behavior in any of my other species. Unfortuantely, I lost this foot long lady a while ago and the top fish now picks on #2 somewhat regularly :(
Hello. How about a fish that was capable of removing and replacing the water in its own tank?

I would like one that could live for centuries, adjust to any water perimeter, and could adjust its size and appearance to what the owner tells it to be.

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