What’s a fish you wish existed?

When I go to a pond I can see all the dragonflies and other bugs that swoop around like helicopters above the surface of the water. I wish there was a way to have that in my tank that didn’t involve, you know, bugs in my room.
Look-up what a dragonfly nymph can do in an aquarium.

An inch long one one can take on a betta. Loll.


I have experienced them...

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Ohh right I forgot about that

I know... What your thinking...

A perfectly Jurassic Park style autonomous self sufficient and contained environment... me too...

I always dreamed to have have a high pressure aquarium and be able to keep abyssal fauna.
One year, I must have brought in blue darner eggs or larvae with the live food, because in mid winter, I had a bunch of electric blue wonders darting around the fishroom for a while. That fishroom was downstairs in the house, so I kept the door closed and just enjoyed them. It was -25 outside, so I couldn't catch and release them.
They had been out of sight in the weeds, and never harmed any fish. Large dragonfly nymphs can, but have never really done much damage here. I have found at least a dozen over the years, and if the season was right and they could be released, took care of them while they developed.

I actually started kayaking when I learned that if you went out to the middle of a northern lake on a calm evening and just drifted, the boat would be covered in a really diverse group of dragonflies, darners and such. It's really beautiful to watch them. Neat creatures.
Extinct species, especially the small Betta species that probably were wiped out by swamp drainage and deforestation before we knew they were there. I wish they existed.
Plus some of the ancestral killie and tetra ancestral species. The few that remain as relict populations are very cool creatures. I wonder what the others were like?
I always dreamed to have have a high pressure aquarium and be able to keep abyssal fauna.
Yes! Imagine doing a hydrothermal vent biotope, or a tank with crazy deep-sea creatures like anglerfish or siphonophores.

Imagine a refrigerated tank to keep arctic/antarctic fish.
I wish I could buy a real CatFish. There is no other fish as cute as this one :lol:
The ideal fish would clean the glass, move the waste and detritus to an easy to clean out location of the tank, carefully prune the plants, perform and look pretty and talk to you to let you know if you are not meeting it's needs. Maybe the last point is not so good as we might not like what they say.

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