What heater to use?

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May 15, 2022
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I've been looking up heaters but I'm having trouble finding a balance. Could someone help me to know what heater to use? I have a 29 gallon tank and I only need an 100 watt heater. But my problem is I want a good heater ; one that will work and be reliable, but I also want to not spend alot of money (over 80 dollars)
Hi if you are using the in tank one I like the Ehiem ones, nice simple design and good reputation for reliability.

I would get a 150 watt heater for that size tank.

I like Rena heaters but Eheim/ Jager are pretty good too.

Get a heater that has a 12 month or longer warranty and the temperature is adjustable.
If the room temperature is well controlled at room temperature a 20W to 50W heater should be more than enough. Note wattage doesn't tell you anything about heater reliability. It only tells you how much heat it will produce. However if 100W heater gets stuck on it could cook or you fish and kill them. Heaters turn on and off ass needed to control temperature. But if one fails and gets stuck on the water should get very hot quickly.

You can use a heater calculator like this one to estimate the wattage you need.
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Thanks everyone I'd never heard of this brand before but now I know about it :). They seem reputable/safe so I'll be using them as my heater source. With that in mind I'll be using the 150 watts like someone stated(I looked into if that's safe don't worry I do my research)

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