What are you doing today?

Sorry to hear about the mishap. I hope you heal rapidly.
My wounds will be fine. My ego is quite another thing. A bit sore but the swelling has gone down thanks to gel packs. My own fault. I was hot, tired and in a hurry, a bad formula old people balance. The pain is worth the completion of flow adjustment to the bog extension and stream bed. Will take tomorrow and Sunday off and finish the margins another day.
Laying in bed, my heart rates been hovering right around 200. The lowest it got today was 120. I feel like there is a blood pressure cuff around my heart
I'm just chilling and watching a baseball game. Placed a new order this morning with Omaha Steaks and this order's 'freebee' sounds interesting being 8 ground pork and bacon burgers. I've done ground pork as a burger MANY times and like it but the addition of ground bacon sounds really good. Later I'll stick with baseball but it will be the college playoffs.
Still working on flooring. As with most of my home improvement projects, it is taking far longer than expected, but barring catastrophe I should still get it all done today.

This vinyl flooring has a wood grain with recurring patterns. To avoid putting them too close to each other, so looks more random and natural, we come up with names for the different knot shapes. The patterns on this batch of flooring include:
Sinister Eye
Double Pond
Tammy Faye
Midget Idol
Beady Eye
Drowning Bird
Mosquito Pac-man
I'm sitting listening to the dog give me a long lecture in schoobiedooglish, which I don't speak. She's very passionate about whatever it is.

I bought some killie eggs today, from a guy in Poland, so that will be a project. My Enigmatochromis lucanusi lost their spawn today, but my Parananochromis brevirostris laid eggs. It's a race between the two dwarf Cichlid species. I want them both to win, as both are cool fish.

Excuse me here, I have to go. The dog seems to want to talk about the meaning of life, and I have some ideas there...
Excuse me here, I have to go. The dog seems to want to talk about the meaning of life, and I have some ideas there...
Dog food. The meaning of life is dog food. And sniffing poop. And belly rubs. That's about it, according to Tayo.
Well, the flooring is done. The ladies are painting the new quarter round trim, then we can move all the furniture back. Jeepers, but that was a lot of fun. I think I'll celebrate by taking some more ibuprofen.
I registered for a race today . Wednesday June 12 , 2024 I do the mile on a track here in town . It’s a club race with The Yellowstone Rim Runners . They have it set up in staggered starts according to your own estimated time and you go up against people your own age and ability . This track is at Billings West High School where I first started out running the first time way back on March 1 , 1981 . Also , this year is my 50th Reunion of the Class of 1974 at West High . I finally cracked the 11 minute per mile average on my daily 5 mile run last week and I seem to be improving quickly . Not too shabby for a guy 68 years old that hasn’t run a step in over 20 years .
I caught 2 swarms. then I tried to work on the varnish on the 66, plugged that room ac into the wrong circuit and blew the circuit. It's hot and humid here today. I need to check on central ac schedule, I'm eligible to get one installed at very low cost thru the city but haven't heard from them since april. Something has to be fixed before July. So the best thing in my day is 2 swarms occupying stacked nuc boxes, and they seem to be big. The bright blue and the double white with the tomato paste front door (pushed to the right, the door is open....)


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I plan on cleaning out the garage workshop today, gearing down from floor-building and gearing up for bow-building. Guess which one is more fun.

Also mowing the lawn, picking up the Badgerling from Pioneer School, where she is an assistant teacher, seeing a massage/physical therapist to try and get my shoulder and neck to quit screaming at me, preparing for the Bible class Mrs. Badger and I are teaching next week at a big youth camp...and hopefully getting a nap in there somewhere. It isn't as frantic as it sounds. I've been out of school for a week, but last week was all about getting the floor done. As far as I'm concerned, vacation starts today.

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