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I was/am trolling him, silly billy :p

I'm scambaited romance scammers before, when they've bombarded my FB account or something, just to waste their time a little, and this call centre scammer began calling me angrily precisely because I pretended to be a confused old lady and played along with him for a while, wasting his time, until I revealed that I'm not a vulnerable elderly woman after all, and that I'm well aware of the types of scams they pull, that it's disgusting to frighten and steal from vulnerable people, and we ended up cussing each other out in Hindi. So he started out calling me frequently because he was angry, as scammers often are when caught out or having their own time wasted, then became a bit more lighthearted once I stopped being furiously angry because I was too tired to be angry that day. Now he just seems to call when he remembers, or when he's checking his list of potential victims that require a call back, I guess he's added me to that list now, despite knowing I'm well aware of the various scams they pull, and that I'm not going to be allowing him access to my devices, or giving him real personal info.

I like watching scambaiter YT channels at times, Kitboga is very good and very funny!
I love watching scam bait/troll videos when I see them lol.
I would try trolling them or something, but I just don't have the confidence for it LOL
Sitting at the dentist office waiting to get a root canal...beats the pain I have been in for the past week even on antibiotics...
Don't you wish you went to my dentist? Then you'd have some pretty fish to watch while you wait. Hope all goes well.
Don't you wish you went to my dentist? Then you'd have some pretty fish to watch while you wait. Hope all goes well.
Yeah my dentist has a fish tank but it's not pretty at all.
I'm all done the numbing has yet to go away fully, so we'll see how much pain I am in soon.
What am I doing today?
I'm promoting the April Tank of the Month contest which features 17 to 30 gallon tanks.. We're still looking for more entrants.
CLICK HERE to view entry thread.
"George" now calls me about once a week, he just called again, trying to get a date of birth out of me, but I protested vigorously that you should never ask a lady her age. Terribly rude thing to ask!

He did say his name was Peter this time, and I'm due a refund of £202. I asked why it's such a random number, 202? Why the extra 2? But he only giggled and said yes, 202. He knows I know it's a scam and I'm not biting, but I seem to have caught his interest enough for him to call me now and again during lulls in his workday I guess. I don't mind the once a week thing so much, at least it isn't the 3-5 times a day he did when angry. I never, ever forget though that scammers will often channel that rage when targeting and frightening confused older people into handing over money or computer access that the scammers want to steal. Infuriates me.

I've been enjoying making up a crazy backstory for my character, who is rather different from my own reality. Edna made millions selling bitcoin and now has cats, and she always has a different answer for different things. Because you know. Adorabelle Dearheart isn't about to hand over any real info to scammers, or fall for a romance scam twist, thank you. She's quite happy with her cats, dog, and pet giraffe. Named Cat. The giraffe, that is. Long story.
That is actually so funny
Pondering the sudden appearance of a pond in my backyard...

Thanks! Its an auto. Someday if the transmission fails, I'll manual swap it :)
You are welcome. This swap would be a very different thing, at least for me.
Pondering the sudden appearance of a pond in my backyard...
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When it rains so much (not so common here in Mococa), in some places of the garden, it gets flooded. I won't talk about the roads becoming full of large potholes, because this is a chronic problem here (2024 is an election year for municipal elections, but it will not change anything after all).

Yesterday I received a reply to my first cold e-mail. Since the advisor will leave the university, no way to accept new students for graduate. At least she thanked me for my interest in the lab and wished me luck. I will try to give free samples from my brine shrimp to a shop, to find out about market demand for my lovely Artemia.

I'm addicted to a song named "Fly Away" by Jean Claude Ades (some dance music I love and makes me want to dance). Soon I will get bored and listen to my other preferred music. The music from the gymnasium I go is crap, so I'm required to use earplugs.
I believe that I would suffer from a snowy winter. I am so accustomed to milder winters (even frost is rare, called here as "geada"). Temperatures reaching 55.4 ºF already bothers me.

Now it is autumn, so we expect some air masses provoking great temperature fluctuations along the weeks. In some days, is also common to have a great temperature range.

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