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Weird climbing perch lol


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May 29, 2019
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I have a climbing perch about 5 inches long, in a 75 gal with an albino Senegal Bichir(5in), a leopard bush fish(7in), iridescent shark(4in), a feather squeaker (7-8inch), a silver tiger datnoid(4in), African butterfly fish(5in), a rope fish(size n/a) and a bushy nose pleco(6in). The tank is fine with everything good and stable. Weekly water changes of course and different types of fish food. But my climbing perch still always hides when I come by or anywhere near the tank. He would peek out the corner to see if I’m still there and when we make eye contact, he would look at me for like 2 seconds then realize it’s me and hides again lmao funny fish I tell you but just wondering if anyone knows what I can do to make him like me for once.

Oh and yea the bush fish and datnoid just stays still next to leaves of a plant. Maybe it’s like how they did it in the wild to hunt? I don’t know. The only fish that normally swims in the open when I’m there is the iridescent shark and the albino Bichir. Hep! Any dither fish to recommend? Idk tank looks dead lol

And yes I know some of the fish are going to outgrow the tank... but you think I ain’t ready??? Lol I love fish :p

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