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We have elected a new moderator for our forums - WhistlingBadger

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Sep 23, 2013
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WhistlingBadger has been elected by our moderator staff to the role of Global Moderator. Let's give WB a warm welcome and congratulate him for his appointment to the Mod Team.
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Thank you, thank you. This is the fulfillment of a life-long dream, ever since I was voted "Most Likely to Moderate a Fish Forum" at my high school graduation. I promise to wield my immense power only for good, never for evil. I do look forward to all the perks that come with being a moderator: A key to the Prefect's Bathroom, weekday use of the official TFF Learjet, and of course, the annual Moderator's Retreat at @Chad 's chalet in the Japanese Alps.

Seriously, I am honored to be asked. I've never been a moderator before, and I hope I figure it out faster than I figured out how to keep fish. But I have taught middle school band, and I'm hoping some of the skills will carry over.
And don't forget the huge salary you will make with a 30% bonus at the end of the year. 30% of nothing is nothing. I got a 50% raise this year. 50% of nothing is nothing. And when you retire from moderating, you get a pension set to 80% of your highest year of earnings. We also get the 32nd and 33rd day of each month as time off. TFF is very generous to its moderators.

And now you get to enjoy viewing our 3000 gallon custom built-in Saltwater aquarium in the boardroom while sitting on our premium calfskin covered electric reclining massage chairs in the penthouse of the TFF Building overlooking the water in Manhattan.
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