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Ding dong.
Have you heard the good news about Goodeid livebearers?

You have to check them out. The finest of greys and greens in a wonderful to watch and keep fish group. Olive your wildest wishes in one Genus.
Ok, I will search them up.
I guess that we shall have to agree to disagree. :)

1) If your tank is properly cycled there is not much worry as to the nitrogen cycle as that is why we promote good bacteria. A heavy dose of live plants does better than water changes than in this.

2) My very first tank was way back in the late 1960s or early 1970s. Other than a minor outbreak of Ich MANY years ago I have never had a tank that experienced an illness.

3) If a tank is properly setup these things will take care of themselves. If such things do not go stable the tank is not properly established.

4) For the most part this is taken care of by plants in a heavily planted tank. This stuff is plant food.

5) I actually have to call this one silly. Weekly removing 50-75% of the tank's water for a change just MUST be more stressful to the fish than what the fish naturally produce.

6) To me this makes no sense... You use algae to judge nutrient additions.

7) Why would I want to remove fish 'waste' when it is food for my plants?

Like I said in the beginning of this post we shall need to agree to disagree. There seems to be a difference between us as to how we look at tanks. I look at every tank being a unique Eco-system that has specific requirements than other tanks. I hope I'm wrong but it seems that you seem to consider what you do as the only way to go.
Be monitoring pH on this system, my water comes out of the tap at 8 but if I don't monitor pH and keep up with at least monthly water changes and am heavily stocked it will drop below 6
You still didn't give any reasons... I'm still really wondering why you think that...
Plastic plants will not die and decompose thus increasing ammonia. If the tank isn't ready, go plastic. You can always change later. And if you want neon - well I can't find a picture of the elementary school tank I did in neons and whites with natural stone and a natural gravel color, but it didn't look half bad to the first principal. New principal next year said - change the tank, make it natural.
Who the hell has a 5 gallon saltwater tank??? It could be done I suppose, but I see no purpose in that at all! Not even sure what fish you'd put in it! ????
When I got my Dory (Regal tang) she was the size of my thumbnail, tank raised. She started in a 10. I had her for 9 years.
Balloon fish are ugly. Cichlids are mean. I had the cutest little dwentis cichlids, someone's aquarium broke, and I happened to be online and able to pick them up before they died. . They were not real flashy but had huge eyes. And they were great until they approached breeding. I had to give them away because it was pond season and I couldn't be home to split them up or break up the fights. There were still some alive when another volunteer picked them up but that forum closed and I don't know what happened later


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Ok, my turn.... Neon or brightly colored gravel and plants are hideous and should be banned from the Pet Trade!!
Sorry if you have Pink, Orange, or Purple gravel and plants, and I have offended you...
Actually, no, not sorry!! Lol... Gravel and plants should look natural, and not be Techno Colors!!
Phew, I feel so much better getting that off my chest!!! :p :D
Neon colors are natural on my planet, Uranus's. Hahahahahaha...just playing around

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