Tropical German stream now with Red Shrimp,Endlers,Malawi!!!


Dec 10, 2018
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Since the last videos done on this thermal stream in Austria,somebody has released hundreds of red Neocaridina shrimp,Endlers guppies,Malawi Cichlids and what looks to be more exotic aquatic plants. Makes for more diversity than Convicts and Jewel cichlids.
I like it..and this guy looks to have done a few videos of 5 minutes or so on this stream with 27C (80f) summer water and probably lows 70 in winter.
Now,none of these things are in any danger of escaping into cold waters..we all know that. So,this is just a dream come true for cold country pond and aquarists. I watched this one,,4 to go...
btw,I spotted very red Swordtails..with veiltails and incredibly..look for a couple of Neons. Somebody has been stocking since last year. Notice how fat all the Convicts are..Platys also.

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