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Tropical FF Pet Peeves

Discussion in 'Tropical Discussion' started by steelhealr, Feb 3, 2006.

  1. DevUK

    DevUK UKAPS member

    Mar 12, 2007
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    Coventry, West Midlands
    - People who stray wildly off topic (the topic of this thread is "TFF pet peeves, not LFS pet peeves :p) (I say this tongue in cheek!)

    - Trolling (people who try to start arguments on threads). (The above could be deemed to be trolling, without the tongue in cheek!)

    - People giving advice they've only heard and repeated it asif they have experience of it (I've done this before but now try to acknowledge that its second hand info if I repeat it, and not from experience).

    - Awful spelling. Typoes, silly little spelling mistakes aren't a problem (I do them myself, no ones perfect). But posts that are hard to read due to bad spelling, bad grammar etc etc, just really grate with me.

    - Massive quotes, and by this I mean quoting someones post in full when they are just making a general comment, and not a specific comment about that post. Then people that quote an already quoted post, and again, and again...

    - That leads on to quoting picture posts, so you end up with 3 or 4 posts full of the same photos. Edit your quotes ppl!!

    Here endeth the lesson/rant ;)
  2. Tobigara

    Tobigara Member

    Aug 10, 2007
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    Central NJ
    Not pet peeves really, more like constructive criticism.

    Some people need to lighten up. this is supposed to be a place for like minded people to chat and learn. Not to get your hiney hairs wound up too tight due to someone elses set up. If someone is doing something wrong, tell them politely and advise them on good ways to correct the issue. Don't browbeat them with typed words into submission.

    Also. Why is it that sometimes people post questions but nobody answers them after a week? The topic will have 342 views but 1 reply. If only 1 person answers a question of mine, i don't take that answer as gospel and base my actions on it and if i did then then i deserve whatever tragic events happen afterward. Even if someone just says "agreed", it confirms the information a bit and helps.

    other than that i think this forum is great. Sorry for the rant :blush:
  3. SuperColey1

    SuperColey1 Planted Section

    Oct 30, 2006
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    Lincoln, UK
    Some posts don't get answered because the poster couldn't be bothered to look 3 posts down to see that the same question has already been asked. Then if they searched for the question they may find it had already been asked by 3 others in the same day. Loads of these and it gets irritating.

    I'm with Dev on the quotes. If you can't be bothered to edit the quote to what you wanted to show (or just left the whole quote in for no reason) then it gets really really annoying.

    Can I add C****T as he just warbles rubbish info on plants and is rarely correct.

    And finally, my latest peeve is the 'phosphate removing' crowd that seem to have read a 20 year old book on planted tanks and have only just found this forum. Loads of them at the same time and they are all wrong.


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