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Jun 30, 2004
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London, Ontario, Canada!
I got a new betta the other day for my 2 Gallon eclipse. Its seriously awesome. I went to bed the first night I put him in and he already built a bubble nest. His coloration is awesome too. He is a beautiful red except for a white-pink stripe on it's dorsal fin, and anal fin. He has very long fins too. Then I put food in and he came right to the surface and ate almost out of my hand :D . He definetly isn't shy, and probably is real happy to be out of those containers....

Oh yeah, I put a mirror to the tank for 10 min. today and he flared like crazy. It was seriously cool. He puffed out all his fins and he was so beautiful looking it almost looked fake, his gills got puffed out too, and I never knew they did that. Ill take a picture of him flaring soon and post it if someone can explain to me how to post pics. Would anyone be nice enough to explain it to me?? THANKS! :p
congrats on the betta, they're great nad so full of personality ;) sounds like the one you got is quite outgoing and quite the stud :lol:
yeah hes awesome. i got to pick him out of alot of choices at the store, and he was the healthiest looking, and most colorful. I love the feeling of taking bettas out of those tiny little cups and putting them in a tank! :D

ok, so how do you make the picture a file though? do you have to scan it, then save to your computer??
you can upload them at (it's free), and then post us the link back here :)
SilverDollar_03 said:
I love the feeling of taking bettas out of those tiny little cups and putting them in a tank! :D
Just imagine the relief they're in! ;)

Congrats on your new family member!
superpenguin22 said:
SilverDollar_03 said:
ok, but before all this you obviously have to scan them right??
not if its a digital camera. then you can just upload the photos to your pc :)
You're a better man than I...

I would've said something smart like what was said in your thread...

:thumbs: :thumbs: Kudos to you superpenguin22
yes if it's not digital you'll have to scan it in somehow and then upload the pic and give us the link here :)

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