Depressed betta - help!


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Dec 6, 2020
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United Kingdom
My betta is out of character and I’m worried I’m going to lose him.

A week or so ago my ottocinclus had a bitten tail (not by the betta) and developed fungus. I treated the tank for fungus and during this time my betta appeared to be “pine coning” but I couldn’t be sure if he was displaying dropsy or was bloated from over eating (his food and then some of the catfish pellets).

I gave them a 48hr break between feeds and he appeared normal again so I figured it had just been bloating.Yesterday I did a 50% water change, one week after starting the fungus treatment. In the meantime, over the past couple days my betta appeared depressed. Sitting on the filter, on the sand with his head between stones, closed fins, lethargic. Now tofay he’s off his food. I put in frozen food he usually goes mad for and he’s ignored it and is just hanging in the top corner and looks undernourished.

What can I do to try to turn things around? Should I do another big water change so soon? Any suggestions welcome!

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