Tiny tank, big possibilities??

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Dec 13, 2017
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I am relatively new to the aquatic world. I have been an arachnid and millipede keeper for going on 7 years and have had my betta and a pair of female snails since October. I also had a fish tank growing up so I have a little knowledge from that.

I purchased a 2 gallon upright hexagonal tank awhile ago for my millipedes (it was 50% full of soil and plants) but I recently moved them to a tank with more surface area and decided it was time to get another aquatic critter.

I understand the tank is on the small side, but I was wondering if there was absolutely anything that I could comfortably put inside the little tank and have it stay healthy and happy. I am open to fish, inverts, amphibians/reptiles, and anything else I may have missed. I am willing to do live plants as well. (I don't like the look of fake plants anyways...) I am also willing to try out a salt water tank, HOWEVER, from my understanding, salt water tanks should never be under 10 gallons so that is probably out of the picture.

Thank you guys in advance!


If anyone has any arachnid questions, feel free to hit me up on instagram ( @ tarantula_toes2 ) or on arachonoboards (username: Nugget )
^It wouldn't let me edit my post so Im adding it here: The tank has a filter that will be used and a mini heater is available.

I am sorry to have to say this but 2 gallon is too small for any fish, I have bigger coffee cups.
Welcome to TFF.

I agree with Nick; tanks less than 5 gallons are really not going to house any fish. Invertebrates (shrimp, snails) and plants are about it.

I agree with them as in a tank like that multiple things can go wrong.Ammonia, Nitrates and Nitrites will be sky rocketing high .Small tanks a very unstable because of small water volume thats why it is easier to maintain a healthy aquarium in big tanks the small everything will be more diluted .In a small tank the fish would produce ammonia then you feeding the fish that equals more ammonia and stress for any speices of aquatic life . I keep both Freshwater and Saltwater .I wouldn’t recommend getting A 10 Gallon for that type of set up either because like i said many things can go wrong .And that mini filter mighr not even be able to take a sufficient amount of bio load to support any fish .I am sorry but for you and for the aquatic life I would have to recommend that u dont do it until u are able to at least keep a 10 or 20 gallon if ur looking for a small tank then u could keep a Betta or some tetras.
I am a big lover of inverts so i suggest snails and shrimps. Add live plants to help maintain good water quality. Dont forget to use a sponge filter

If you want to keep a really small swimmjng creature, consider live foods like daphnia, cyclops and/or scuds. These are really cool but will mutiply so you will need to feed some to your betta once in a while. Water changes are difficult so i use a airline and catch any critters that get accidently sucked up that are sieved through a piece of fabric at the other end and feed to fish

Dont forget to dechlorinate your water

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