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Threadfin Acara


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Mar 11, 2007
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Common name/s: Threadfin Acara, Thread-Finned Cichlid, Elusive Cichlid

Scientific name: Acarichthys heckelii

Family: Cichlidae

South America

Maximum size: 5"

A hardy cichlid species in my opinion, relatively undemanding when it comes to water chemistry and able to tolerate a range of pH and temperatures. They thrive at around 75.2 - 82.4F and pH 6.5 - 7.8. Juveniles can be grown out in a 29g, but for adults tank size should be of a minimum of 55g. Threadfin Acaras occupy all levels of the tank but is mostly present in the mid levels. Swimming space should be spacious and also a lot of hiding places present (plants, rocks, wood) as individuals can be aggressive towards each other. Sandy substrate is recommended as they do exhibit feeding behavior close to Eartheaters, picking up sand while they feed off the bottom and dislodging them through their gills. They can be quite aggressive and territorial towards tankmates and also boisterous when it comes to feeding. Tank mates should be big enough not to be eaten. I would not recommend keeping them with fishes which are shy or slow at getting food.

Feeding: Will eat almost any meaty or live foods. Carnivore pellets or normal fish flakes or pellets would also be taken. Although being carnivorous, algae wafers have also been successful.

Males usually have longer dorsal and anal fins.

Breeding: Pairs breed with little to no difficulty. They are open breeders and the female lays the eggs on a flat surface where both parents will look after them. Aggression intensifies when caring for their young.

Comment: A stunning species with its bright coloration and also maxes out at a relatively small size. The only issue would be its temperament, and also its constant up-rooting of plants and shifting of substrate for planted tanks.

My Threadfin Acara.


Aug 28, 2008
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heres my thread fin he is only around 4" they do grow larger than 5" there is one in my LFS that looks around 7" and he was double the price just for being 3" bigger

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