Thq Humble Bundle Giveaway


Aug 16, 2012
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First of all, if this isn't allowed mods feel free to delete

HumbleBundle is a great organization that usually brings together a great set of Indie games for a really low price. You pay as much as you want for the bundle and if you pay more then the average they throw in a bonus game. You decide how the money is given out ( the devs, humble themselves, or charity ) since since I've become aware of it, they've raised almost $9million for Childs Play a charity that helps kids without the means to play games, get video games in their hands.

A few days ago they started a new bundle which wasn't indie at all. Its called the THQ bundle and offers some good games from the company at an amazing price. Retail of these games is almost $200 but you can spend as little as you want. I bought myself a bundle and also bought two more to giveaway on my website/game blog Takuchat.

Easiest way to enter is to Like us on facebook, you can also enter by posting on the article I made. You can both Like and post and get a double chance to win! The games are PC only and need to use Valve's Steam to redeem the codes and play

More details here: