thinking about smaller "earth eaters"...

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Jun 21, 2023
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Southern MN
I understand Cupid Cichlids will work over the sand, & that was my planned fish, but either seasonal or not, are hard to get right now in the US... thinking maybe Red Head Tapajos... according to seriously Fish, they get a maximum of 12 cm... but they are saying they should be in a larger group... ideally I'd like something about that size, that a group of 3 would be OK... anyone think of anything, that's not super hard to come by??? that would be another option??? BTW... I also already have some Rams in the mix, which are sometimes said to work over the sand...
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Never kept Red Heads but I kept three Altifrons Geos that looked perfectly happy as a three
Red heads get 9-10cm high, and closer to 14-15cm long. Length is not as important for calculations as bulk. They are solid fish. I loved mine, but traded the 3 of them for a fully equipped 75 gallon. With a stand, too. The guy wanted them. Mercenary me.

I wish there were small Geos, but there are only relatives of Geos = Geophagines. Apistogramma. Mikrogeophagus, Biotodomo, etc. I kept Geophagus argyrostictus, but unless the tank was swirling, they were so aggressive they didn't last long. I've seen them live for years in tanks with laminar flow pumps, but otherwise, they fight, even though they are small.
Well I contacted this seller that had Cupids on their web site... I had tried to order from them before...I've never received fish from them before... I placed an order with them about a year ago, for something that they had listed as in stock, they charged my card, then dragged their feet on shipping, 3 weeks later they told me they were expecting them in any time... but after 3 weeks, I had them cancel my order... this time I contacted them, explained my previous experience... they told me how many they had in stock, & they would put a hold on as many as I wanted... so I'm going to try them again...

I have 5 coming...

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