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The Rainbow Bridge


We are not born just so we can die
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Oct 1, 2010
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Condolences one and all, I usually avoid the rainbow bridge because it is just too hear breaking, I have buried many a well loved pet. But I will most likely be adding my own sad message later today.
Last night around midnight we had to rush our 16 1/2 year old dog to the vet, she most likely had a stroke or internal tumour bleed. The vet put her on IV and gave her morphine, to make Leah more comfortable, but my husband and I are pretty certain there can be only one outcome when the vet rings us later this morning. 


Jan 24, 2014
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Today I had to put down my 14 year old lab mix Cooper. He was losing control of his bowels, his mobility was deteriorating fast, and he had a tumor that had been removed once that had returned, and based on his swollen lymph nodes and sudden weight loss, was probably cancerous.

I think it was probably one of the hardest things I've ever had to do. I stayed with him to the end, and he left this world with his head in my lap.

I couldn't have asked for a better dog to have spent a large chunk of my life with. He will be very missed and never forgotten.

I took some comfort in the fact that as I walked out of the vets office, that a big rainbow was arched across the sky. I took significant comfort in that.


Jan 13, 2010
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Well, it was a while a go but I've only just re-gained access to TFF for some strange reason so I will post now. 
Pip, when you hatched on the 6th August, I knew you had problems... I honestly thought that was it there and then. You weren't going to make it through the night. You still had some of your umbilical cord attached and you couldn't sit straight. You were wobbly and all over. This was you the day you hatched... I was so upset.

I woke up on the 7th with a heavy heart, expecting to find you lifeless in your hatchling tub... Instead I woke up to find you were active and staring out at me. Your big bright eyes looking at me while I cried, wondering why I was so upset. You were alive! I kept you moist until your umbilical cord either dropped off or was absorbed, you survived that long! That was a lot more than I expected from a runt like you with so many problems. By the 8th I was sure you were gone, but you proved me wrong once again! You were still there and your balance seemed better too! Your umbilical cord was gone and you wanted to come out instantly! See, remember this day Pip? I cooed over you and fussed you for ages because I was so happy! You were in shed and you didn't care, you seemed relaxed all the time.

You survived your first shed with me, and it was a perfect shed too! Not a rip or a tear and with both eye caps intact! You were so bright after that.. But you were still so tiny, and I knew there was a high chance you wouldn't make it even if you had survived so far. On the 26th August you were still active, happy to explore.

I offered you food every 5 days and you refused it every time. I then had to make the decision to start force feeding you to keep you alive until you ate on your own, you were determined to survive and dealt with the force feeding like it was nothing! All the while your big bright eyes shining at me every day! But by the 9th of September you were starting to get a bit thinner and I really started to worry...

You got thinner and weaker every day.. I knew your end was coming, I knew all along but I couldn't give up on you. You seemed so willing to fight, even until the last days you were friendly and wanted to come out of your tub and explore all the time. I was now force feeding you every 5 days just to keep you alive and every time I fed you I offered you the food first. You got my hopes up a couple of times by looking interested and then just ignoring it to come out and play... On the 16th October you looked like this... And I felt so horrible.. I cried a lot about you, I knew you wouldn't be here much longer..

You still weighed only 2 grams... The exact amount you weighed when you hatched.

I didn't get to take any more pictures of you in October as college was keeping me really busy. But I still got you out and played with you for a while every night. Even when I needed sleep because I felt bad leaving you.
In the beginning of November you got weaker, you could barely move properly but still you wanted to come out of your tub and explore. Still you fought with every ounce of strength you had... But it wasn't enough my baby... It wasn't enough... I got these photo's of you on November 8th 2014... You were so thin... And I knew then that these would be the last photo's I ever took of my poor baby as you deteriorated fast... I sadly lost you on the 16th November at exactly 14 weeks and 4 days old. You really did shock me Pip, you survived longer than anyone ever expected you to. Unfortunately you just couldn't continue living despite all your efforts and mine.. R.I.P Pip, my baby... I will miss you, I was going to keep you if you survived.. You were my special little one, I never even got to sex you as you were too small.

I'm sorry for such a long post and I'm sorry for people who don't like snakes.... And I'm sorry for so many pictures... And I'm sorry for apologising so much.


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