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Ludwig Venter

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Jun 7, 2008
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South Africa
The July TOTM winner (by a large margin) is:

Congratulations to:


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Jan 11, 2011
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Wow! Thanks guys for voting for my tank. Big thank you to Mattlee who sold me this tank a while back. He apparently also won TOTM with this very tank too. I have to say I'm a bit surprised, as the competition in my opinion was very strong this month. I especially loved coldcazzie and standbysetting's tanks. I love their mixture of broad leaves and small plants, and their great use of wood. I thought my was rather simple compared to their creation. Perharps it's my golden and odessa barbs who won it for me.

This tank looks a lot different from when I took the picture in mid June as the photo was post-trimming of the plants. Since then the plant for some reason dies back and I am actually in the process of redoing it. This gives me a lot of incentive to redo the tank and maybe try again with a slightly different scape. My other tank is also in need of some gardening.

Some of my fishes have moved on too, with the golden barbs moving to the big tank, 1 apple snail committed suicide while escaping and the other 3 die of heartache (still don't know why they died). They are replaced with 12 cherry barbs and 6 more 3-lined corys. I'll update my picture and maybe in the next few months, re-enter the tank!

Thanks again!



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