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  • Hi.do you know if two oscars a Jack Dempsey and a severum would be ok together in a 550L tank
    Hi mate, noticed you are on the doner list for mature media. any chance i could buy some from you?
    Hi mate, wouldn't let me use pm for some reason. Are you free tonight?
    Hi minttt's, do you still offer mature media as iv just setup and could do with something to help speed up the process abit. No worries if not, thankyou
    Great to hear about the puffers! They sounds ace! My kribs are doing well, the 'babies' from my initial pair are now the proud parents of a 2nd generation which is fab! Currently have two proven pairs mating and more java moss than you can wave a stick at! Mat have to send some your way if interested!
    Hey mate, how are the krib fry coming along? My female has gone bright red again and keeps hiding so watch this space... :D
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