ten gal.

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Aug 8, 2004
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Hi there. I am trying to get some ideas about what to keep in an extra ten gal. that I have. I want to avoid livebearers because I don't think I could handle all the fry. I want somthing active and well brightly colored. Obviously I am pretty restricted by the size of the aquarium do you guys have any good ideas? thanks.
consider a female betta tank :D they are very colorful and full of personality :wub: of all my tanks this is the one i love most!
Hi, I would have to say neons all the way. But you also might want to do a nice school of harlequins in there. I seen a tank done with live plants, harlequins, 2 corys and it was just stunning.

Also the same bottom fellers and some neons both the regualr color and the black ones make a stunning display.

I just did a display with barbs, that is a whole different thing. I dont' really care for them now as they are more aggressive than I thought they would be. I will just leave well enough alone though, none of them are tearing fins but when these guys all expire I am going to do the neon and harlequin thing as my tank is a 25 gal.

I have a bristlenose for my algae, love them to bits. Best cleaners out there :D

Some other choices are:

Cherry Barbs - very small and cute and not aggressive at all
White Cloud Mountain Minnows - mine are going on 3 years now

good luck to you ....bugsy :rolleyes:
guppylover I didn't think that I could fit that many fish inot a ten gal. seeing as neons and corys both need to be in schools, but if I could that would be pretty cool.

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