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Tell me about your Gudgeon's

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Magnum Man

Fish Herder
Jun 21, 2023
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Southern MN
So I've never kept these fish, I see they often have Goby attached to their common names, but aren't actually Goby's... been seeing Empire & Peacock available for sale... very pretty & unique fish... curious if the captive Empires are straining natural sources, as it sounds like they breed in Fresh Water, but the fry are washed down stream, & juvenal's are raised in salt water, or at minimum brackish water... so it sounds like they are at best very difficult to breed in captivity... besides Empire & Peacock, does anyone else have one of the other varieties???
I had years ago purple gudgeons in a community tank and loved keeping them. Looked like pretty bruisers but didnt cause issues with other fish. Not seen them about since

My local store has a few emperor gudgeons in at the minute I keep meaning to research them to see if I can keep them. Beautidul fish

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