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Wharf are meant to be very good and won loads of awards.
If the delivery charge stated above is correct, I certainly wouldn't describe them as being reasonably priced.
Well arnt you paid to say that?

I'm not quite sure what you are insinuating, but no one pays me, I don't have an employer, I simply own and run a business. I was merely pointing out that the delivery charge quoted, if correct, didn't make the cost of the tanks mentioned particularly cheap. But at the end of the day we have to decide for ourselves what constitutes a good deal and what doesn't.
Hmm, I must agree though, £1 per mile delivery isn't cheap... at a max motorway speed of 70mph, thats £70 per hour driving, (and roughly 15 mpg for a ford transit van, thats 15 miles per 3.8 litres, which is 15 miles per £3.2 pounds (fuel at £.86 per litre). Hence, london being roughly 120miles away, the fuel cost using a ford transit van, would be roughly £25. Hence, the personell (driver) is being paid £95 for a 4 hour drive (120miles each way at an average of 60mph). Which implies the driver is being paid roughly £22 an hour.

So, considering their fuel costs £25(to london) and their driver £22(per hour)... I'll let you draw your own conclusions... I'm not sure what wages are like for drivers, but as a professional qualified engineer (having done 4 years of college), I earn £35 an hour....
certainly wouldn't describe them as being reasonably priced.

Im saying arnt you saying that to like put them down. I think they have v-good prices. WA i would like you to give me somewhere cheaper and i have found somwhere that i can get a 72"x18"x18" tank for just under £190

diliv only
I'm actually a music student at the Royal Academy of Music, London. The Aquatic Design Centre is on Great Portland Street, and it's reeeeally very good. I havn't bought a tank from their, only fish and frozen food, but they sell lots of tanks and even custom build. (gosh, they'll love me for that!)
well i like it as i work for them, but not in the shop, i travel all over looking after their custom tanks in shops and stuff ;)
I find with big tanks there cabinets always look cheap and tacky.
I find with big tanks there cabinets always look cheap and tacky.

ive got one of there tanks/cabinets, id say its a basic design-but no way does it look cheap and tacky.

the tank prices of the company in the original post are a good price, but as i live in london £120 for delivery makes the price much higher

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