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I'm at the other end of Surrey - Caterham but good to see a Surrey thread.
Anyone know any good fish shops in Surrey? Thinking of going fish shop surfing one afternoon :)
Hi all

As of Wednesday I will be in Surbiton...does that count!?

Would be great to know where the good LFS's are? Not after anything particularly niche, but some nice angels are top of my wanted list for now.

I know this thread is out of date but there are good Maidenhead Aquatics stores in Ashtead and Guildford (actually East Horsley) and a decentish fish section at Chessington Garden Centre.
I'm in Sutton.

I like going to Maidenhead Aquatics in Morden Hall Park, but the guy that works in Maidenhead Aquatics in the other location in Morden has given me great advice in the past.

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