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Magnum Man

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Jun 21, 2023
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Southern MN
I’m really happy with my RO unit in my aquarium work area, behind the tanks… but it runs a lot of water, and made my copper lines for the house sweat, later last summer I insulated all the house pipes… 1st issue taken care of… now 6 months later, we’re going through softer salt like crazy… our water is so hard, that a long time ago, it was set up, that the whole house is through the softener, so my RO unit is fed with soft water, and all the filter rinse water is soft… so today I began with a 1/4 inch saddle valve on the water line coming in, before the softener, and I bought 2 big rolls of plastic tubing, one 1/4 inch, as the water line, and 1 roll of 3/8 inch, that the 1/4 inch barely slides into, as wear protection, and I’m hoping that will be a small air gap that should protect this line from sweating… I got a handful of the push lock fittings, and have the line going currently to a tank by itself on the opposite side of the house this tank is a hard water tank, live bearers, and rainbows right now, and previously was getting house softened water… today I’ll start bending in less sodium hard water… next week, when my in line shut off valves come in, I’ll begin feeding my RO unit with unsoftened hard water… if the double line works to control the pipe sweating I’ll be finally happy with my water… once the hard water gets to my RO unit, I’ll have good unsoftened well water, to blend into the RO, for my shrimp tanks, and any live bearing breeding tanks I may set up in my work area… so close I can almost taste that would Ron and calcium well water…
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It’s well water… when I put the RO unit in ( it had a booster pump for lower well pressures ) it was as recommended that I change the filters every 6 months… I assume the output will start slowing down… running house softened water into the RO, has made the filters last longer, but at the added cost of 100’s of pounds of softener salt
I'm confused (big surprise): Pipes sweat because of temperature differences and moisture in the air, right? Do they sweat because of the parameters of the water too? Or maybe there's some heating / cooling that happens with the softener? (our water is super-soft, so no idea about these things)

I will say I'm impressed with your DIY skills. If my wife sees me with a hammer or saw, she just starts calling professionals right away. A few years back I finally gave in to the idea that I just need to get someone else to do stuff like that to save my sanity.
Because of the continuous flow of “cold” water through the pipes, in the summer, or in higher humidity conditions, makes them sweat… when the filter has caught up, when my holding barrel is full, no water flows through the pipes… my cold water comes from a pretty deep well, which makes the water colder than water that comes from pipes just below the frost line in traditional residential water

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