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hey all i am in kingswood :) sadly i am selling up my tank now tho :( if anyone is interested tho please head over to the classifieds section 330L? i go to the croydon one ashtead has great plants but i find croydon have the best fish and amazing plants too :) there was one in lower mordon i think it was called before it closed down :)
Ooooh, you're just a few miles from me! Really wish I had room for another tank :(
How come Zik? Are you posted somewhere?
How come Zik? Are you posted somewhere?
Ugh, coffee required !!
haha im moving abroad :) taking my new 88L with me but the 330L has to be sold sadly 
Somone sold a marine tank in kingswood a couple of months ago?
I'm not too far from there!
My LFS is in Knockholt not local, but he stock is great and so is his prices!
The Morden one is closed down they merged with the one in Purley way near the Costco!
yep thats where i go now purley way shame as i like the morden one, one in ashtead dose nice plants as well i go there for them if i need,
if anyone is interested in my tank, equipment fish or plants please let me know i got 4 weeks to get rid of this stuff or it goes in the bin
Im from Staines
I usually go to Maidenhead Aquatics Staines and weybridge, Waterlife or Lynnwood Aquatics (Tolworth)
From Redhill!!

There's Lynwood Aquatics in Tolworth which do give good advice from knowledgable staff.

Also a decent range of equipment for tanks, not the cheapest store but the most helpful I've found so far.
Hi Felybee, I have relatives in Ewell and also Epsom so I'm in the area quite often!
I don't live in Surrey but not far away in Berkshire!

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