Success In Obtaining Tetracycline?


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Feb 26, 2013
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Hi everyone I am kind of in a bind right now...and I just posted in the emergency section of this website.

I have had my saltwater tank for a little over 3 years now...and only 2 clownfish have been in there since the very beginning.
My tank is 30 gallons and I am experiencing my first bit of problems. I am looking for tetracycline antibiotics right now since I am 95% certain that my two fish have a bacterial infection (although unsure if it's gram positive or gram negative bacteria, but leaning towards gram negative since I did have the chance to take a look at the water under a transmission electron microscope).
Has anyone on here had any success with obtaining tetracycline antibiotics from a fellow fish owner from this site? This is what petco recommended. I have been to private tropical fish stores, the vet.. (they wanted $200 for the visit?!), and not sure what to do next so thought I would test my luck on here. Thanks!

Inland Empire, Los Angeles, Orange County..I will drive wherever!
626-376-8579 cell


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