HELP! Cloudy eye and bacterial bloom in hospital tank

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Sep 7, 2022
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San Francisco, CA
Hello! My betta fish, Eugene, has a white pimple-like lump on one eye that is also cloudy. I'm not entirely sure what caused it before, but I was adding acid to lower pH of San Francisco tap water from 8.6 - 7, and the KH was quite low, so I suspect the pH was bouncing around and stressed him out. A tropical fish keeper told me that that he has cloudy eye and recommended that I use neutral regulator and discus buffer to bring the pH to around 6.8. I believe the water parameters are fine now (posted below), but I'm not sure what to do about his infected eye! I started treating with erythryomycin and minocycline (maracyn 1/2) for three days (and removed carbon filter), then put him in a hospital tank with 1 tablespoon of epsom salt (for 5 gallons) and switched to erythryomycin and kanaplex, since people online generally recommend either or both. It's day 6 of erythromycin and day 3 of kanaplex, and his eye hasn't gotten noticeably better or noticeably worse. He's still very active and eating, but I'm scared that there is no improvement yet. To make it more complicated, the hospital tank was not cycled and keeps getting bacterial blooms within each day. I am doing daily water changes and checking ammonia twice per day, and redosing the appropriate amount for the water that is changed. Does anyone have any other recommendations?? I am scared Eugene will go blind. :(

Aquarium size: 5 gallons
Temperature: 76-78F
pH: 6.8-7
KH: 30 ppm (I added phosphate based buffers to improve buffering capacity)
GH: 180 ppm (high for now because of epsom salts)
Ammonia, nitrite, nitrate: 0ppm


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Although the cloudiness might also be caused by the discus buffer (which precipitates magnesium) and the epsom salt (magnesium sulfate)... not sure. :confused:

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