Strange Behaviour

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Oct 15, 2002
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I bought 3 angel fish on monday, they seem to be settling in okay, i think??
The funny thing is they all seem to be hanging round the top of the filter system, i have a juwel aquarium. Its almost as though they can see something or trying to do something like jump out :D
My other 2 Angel Fish, use to hang around round the top of the filter aswell, there both dead now.
Are they okay, or is there something wrong, like being stressed or scared, i have plenty of plants where they can hide.
Do you think they could be wanting to mate, i have checked my water quality ammonia is 0 Nitrite is 0. So the water is okay.
Can someone tell me why they are hanging round the top of the filter. Thanks
It does sound that your water perimeters are fine however do the angels appear to be struggling for air?

Do you have an airstone in there and can you tilt the filter/powerhead so that the outflow breaks the surface of the water this will allow more oxygen to diffuse in to the water.
No they dont seem to be struggling for air, i have a air stone which gives off lots of bubbles. and i have a tube which you put on the powerhead, that gives loads of bubbles into the aquarium. and it had this thing on the end to give lots of bubbles or not so many bubbles, should i turn it up or turn it down, they have plenty of oxygen.
Have anyone else got any other ideas why my angel fish are behaving like this???????
are there other fish in the tank with them?
some fish will hide at the water surface to get away from tormenting tankmates or just because they are afraid.
Hi Fantazia, Hope your Angels are doing great :D

The only time my fishies hang out on top or behind the
pump is when they are afraid of a bully. It hasn't happened
much in my tanks since I took my pretty guppy boys out of the
communal tank :p We have a black neon who used to terrorize
everyone until we got some bigger fish that equalized the territory.
What is the best thing to do to make them feel less stressed, and not being bullied?
Hi Fantazia,

What are your other tank stats, size, pH, nitrAte

and other tank inhabitants?

Fantazia, My books suggest to rearrange the tank when you add new fish to equalize the territory. Everyone is looking for that "space" of their own. Are they settling down yet? :D

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