Starting a fish room

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Jul 17, 2004
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I'm setting up a fish room in my house which will have a 3 55's, 125 and 38.

Here are some of the first pics. Ill update as it progresses.

55 #1

55 #2

You will find that your original fish room plans always change. I'm sure you'll end up with another dozen or so tanks eventualy. Its inevitable :lol:
Leslie said:
Yep... MTS: don't try to fight it, it will take over anyway

Nice idea and nice tanks.
I'm not sure if the number of tanks in that room will increase but I am already having thoughts of upgrading the 125 to a 210 before its even started and then making 555 #1 a 125. Something about seeing that rock bank at 6 ft long that intrigues me. Seems like half the fun of the hobby is dreaming about the future
wrs said:
omg! I love that first one!
Thanks it's still being developed and I added some Cork screw Vals this weekend which I think will fit right in.

I set up #2 this weekend and I actually think if I can get what's in my head into that tank it will be he better tank. I need to upgrade the lighting first.

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