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The nitrate level has increased, usually due to nitrite eaters 'pooping' nitrite. Since ammonia has gone down and nitrAte has gone up, it is possible that as soon as the ammonia eaters made some nitrite, there were enough nitrite eaters to eat it as fast as it was made, so the nitrIte reading stayed very low.
Of course what we can't know is whether this has actually happened, or which of the various brands of bacteria has worked. The low pH and lack of carbonate would have slowed both types of bacteria right down.

Wait until ammonia has dropped below 1.0, then add enough ammonia to get 3ppm in the tank water and see what happens to the three tests next day.
Yes they emailed me back. I am going up there tomorrow and they said I can buy the Goop as well. I will try it in my spare 20 litre tank with a new filter sponge I got today and some ammonium chloride and see what the craic is.
I would add more ammonia to get 3 ppm in the tank water then test again tomorrow.
Test taken at 6.00pm
Ammonia. 0.25ppm.
Nitrite. 0.25+ppm.
Nitrate. 10.00ppm.
PH. 7.4
KH. 5
GH. 5
I haven’t added any Ammonia yet. but I will add a bit as I need to keep feeding bacteria is that correct. Think I will add 5ml at a time.
Just added 5ml Ammonia
Yes, need to add ammonia as essjay said. Results look promising! The tide is turning! :banana:
Was very nice, but 30 degrees in South East England today. Nice staff. Very welcoming. Knowledgeable, not your usual LFS riff-raff :D
When are you using your Goop. Nice job I had to massage a 250ml pouch into the filter sponges. I let mine it for over half an hour before I switched then on. i got some cloudy water but it cleared quickly.
Doing it soon actually, tonight, will let you know. Good news on your results so far
Just tested the Ammonia up to 1.0ppm. I will see what it is in the morning. I don’t want to push it higher than 1ppm I want to do things slowly.

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