Started my Fishless cycle

We can do cycle at same time
Can you ask about my situation with low KH.
Ive emailed them tonight as well but the last time they did not get it I told Jack and it had gone into junk. He said he was going to sort out email
I'm actually in Kent for a few days. That's where this lot are based. I think there is a fish farm there, I might try and get down there.
Just be aware it's HOT in their fish room! Especially with the current weather o_O they have some cool carp in a pond and lots of chickens, I'm sure I saw an emu in the distance when I went there once!
We can do cycle at same time
Can you ask about my situation with low KH.
Ive emailed them tonight as well but the last time they did not get it I told Jack and it had gone into junk. He said he was going to sort out email
Have they not talked you through the KH issue then?
Yes but I was confused with forum saying I cant add bicarb with fish added. I messaged them today and Andy the owner said I can add bicarb with fish just do it gradually so not to cause a shock to fish he said thousands of fish keeper do this.
Not managed to test yet busy day, but will post results when I have completed tests.
Just tested tank 16 hrs after adding Goop. Not much change but something happening. Ammonia halved sine last night reading. A possible hint of colour change with Nitrate reading. PH & KH holding out.
Ammonia. 1.0ppm
Nitrite. 0
Nitrate. Showing different colour ?
PH. 7.6 - 7.8 ?
KH. 5
GH. 5


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Well that's something. Ammonia has halved. Ammonia can evaporate, so I'm hoping you get some nitrite show up later today.
The only thing now I am not sure about. If and when I am ready to get fish I presume I do a 50% water change then dose with Prime. Is 50% enough or too much. This will I also presume will lower my KH reading so I will have to add a bit of bicarb ( as Andy Tropco said I could add with fish, but slowly)
The water change will depend on your test results to a degree I think. The Goop is nothing without nitrite readings for me
I have just had a phone call from Jack of Tropco. We spoke for again over half an hour about my concerns with adding bicarb to my tank with fish in and also when the tank will be ready for fish. I can trickle the bicarb mix with tank water a little at a time throughout the day, not a problem. Adding fish when I get suitable Ammonia, Nitrite and Nitrate reading I can add fish when ever I want just keep and eye on readings. I have to phone him or message him on Monday to keep him posted but he thinks by tomorrow I should be at levels I am looking for.
Just tested tank.
Ammonia 1.0ppm
Nitrite. 0
Nitrate. 5.0ppm
Jack said I might not get Nitrite reading or it might spike just depends.
The reason for not using bicarb with fish is that if KH is low, GH will also be low, so the water is suitable only for soft water fish. But soft water fish have not evolved to cope with a lot of sodium in the water. It's the same reason why water from a water softener which uses salt should not be used with fish - that type of water softener swaps the hardness minerals for sodium. Gradually adding bicarb will not overturn thousands of years of evolution.
Sodium also needs to be in balance with potassium, and if there's too much sodium compared to potassium - that is, they are out of balance - it is harmful for fish.
There are some fish which are OK with bicarb - Rift Lake cichlids. The salts made to increase hardness for these fish does contain sodium, but the water in the Rift Lakes is unlike any other on Earth.
I would treat the people at Tropco the same as other people selling things in the fish trade - with a huge pinch of salt. They are right that KH needs to be higher than yours during cycling, but not once there are fish in the tank.

Shells - these are made of calcium carbonate like coral and limestone. But they must be clean and not coated with lacquer or any other type of coating. But why bother trying to increase GH, KH and pH (which is what coral, shells and limestone will do) when it is much easier to keep soft water fish which will be quite happy at your low levels?
I live in a coastal town, shells are all taken off the beach. I would clean them if I were going to use them but I do not need them as I can work with bicarb for a few months till cycle gets stronger then leave the readings to sort themselves out.
I intend to stock Fancy Goldfish, like Panda Oranda, Ryukin, Ranchu. Fantails.
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Test taken 24 hrs since adding Goop.
Ammonia. 1.0ppm. Last night. 2-3ppm.
Nitrite. 0ppm. Is there a slight purple tint.? Last night. 0ppm.
Nitrate. 5.00ppm. Last night. 0ppm.


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The nitrite sample. Once it gets passed 0.0, you will notice that the very light blue will get a little bit darker but not a shade of purple. This would be small progress and maybe would be about 0.1 or 0.15 nitrite. Then, the colour shifts noticeably into the purple range for a 0.25 reading.

If your ammonia has gone down by 0.50 or 1.00ppm which I think it has, then we should soon be seeing at least 0.50 to 1.00 nitrite and your sample should definitely be purple and not blue. I think 1.00 ppm ammonia turns to 2.70 nitrite but some of the ammonia might have evaporated which would mean a nitrite reading of 0.50 or 1
00 ppm. If your ammonia is going down but the nitrite is not going up, my celebrations would be very muted. Let's get that purple!!!

I am only an apprentice in this and @Essjay if she hasn't exhausted herself on here, will correct me.

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