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Jan 12, 2014
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So I didnt know the mopani driftwood was going to make my water as murky as it did. But ii dont mind just two questions. Does it affect the water clarity or anything chemically in the water? And does it affect the plans in the tank, i have java fern, mosses and banana plant.
It adds a bit of acid to the water (tannic acid) so it will lower pH slightly (but not much).  It will limit light transmission to the plants, but those plants don't require much light anyway.  It does offer some 'tonic' properties and certain fish really appreciate it.
Great that makes a perfect environment for my little elephant fish school! :) Lowers pH as they like more acidic and they like low light! Cant wait till my tank is ready... ugh so hard. BTW my nitrites were at .25 today in my cycling tank, did about 50% water change in both tanks and nitrates are still 160ppm, do you think the nitrate tester cold be wrong? Maybe not though because it showed 0ppm in tap.

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