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So, one of my platies swims upside down sometimes

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Fish Crazy
Jul 8, 2022
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I noticed that just now when my male platy was swimming away, he did like a flip. His body was upside down for a moment. So, he might have a swim bladder issue. Most of the time he swims normally but I've noticed occasionally he will flip upside down briefly. No idea why. It's not the filter, the filter is low flow. The only thing I can think of is maybe something I fed him? I did give them kale yesterday. I hope he'll be okay. I didn't expect to have more issues so soon after I've gotten maintenance and water quality under control.
video of the fish?
I would but there's no way I can catch this on camera. I'd have to be lucky. Any other time he swims normally, the upside-down habit is a rarer occurrence that only lasts for like a second. I might be able to catch it on camera only if it gets worse.
Like Colin has already requested, a video could tell us more. I hope you'll succeed taking a video shot. It's not always that easy to catch the important moment.

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