1. V

    So, one of my platies swims upside down sometimes

    I noticed that just now when my male platy was swimming away, he did like a flip. His body was upside down for a moment. So, he might have a swim bladder issue. Most of the time he swims normally but I've noticed occasionally he will flip upside down briefly. No idea why. It's not the filter...
  2. YunoGasai212121

    Angelfish front fin torn

    My angelfish’s fin was torn by one of the other angelfish in the tank (there’s 3 total). It’s her front fin that makes her swim (the internet says it’s her “pectoral fin) and now that it’s torn it doesn’t work as well. Because it’s not working as well she tends to lean to that side a little...
  3. rogue_betty

    Gourami Troubles

    Tank size: 75 gallon pH: apps 7.4 ammonia: nitrite: 0 nitrate: app 60 kH: app 100 gH: app 200 tank temp: apps 76 degrees Fish Symptoms (include full description including lesion, color, location, fish behavior): 3 Spotted "Blue" Gourami (her name is And): She (?) will swim fine for about 10...
  4. L

    Glowlight neon tetra - swimming jerky & lump on stomach

    Hi, my glowlight Tetra was lurking around at the bottom of the tank hiding, shaking a bit but seemed like it was just eating food off the bottom of the tank. A while later it was doing the same thing so I thought it can't be still eating, it was almost like it was vibrating/jerking (with its...
  5. J

    Poorly platy,swimming funny, any advice?

    Ok I'm new to this forum but looking for some advice please as other forums have just kind of ignored my plea for help! I have a poorly platy, everything has been fine up until this morning where he's just started swimming erratically and kinda doing back flips and all sorts. All my others seen...
  6. tmoney7

    Swimming Snails?!

    I looked in my 10gal today and saw that there were snails moving along the top of the water upside down. At first i thought my eyes were playing a trick on me but i looked closer and there was another one in the middle of the tank just swimming around.  What kind of snails are these?
  7. tmoney7

    Cory Swimming Weird?

    So i have 6 pygmy corys in my 10 gal tank with all of the water parameters perfect ( pH - 7.0, ammonia - 0, nitrite - 0)  and today i finally saw all six of them together in along time going after the food and all of a sudden i saw one starting to do a quick jolt onto his side when swimming.  He...