Second hand tanks

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Oct 17, 2003
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whoops wrong forum do pay attention to this post, i tought it was in the chit chat one some delete this plz


i often see second hand tanks advertised inthe paper some are like 4 foot tanks going for crazy prices like 50 buck with heater and filter.

Is that a bargin or what, id love nother tank and at that price well even if the accessiores are crap that tank gotta be worth a bit.

u guys think they are a good buy at that or is the something seroiusly wrong?
any opions
Check out the tank. Ask if there are any leaks or if the seller(s) has had any problems with it. Asky why they're selling it. If there aren't any leaks, it should be fine. My 29-gallon tank is second-hand and it's working fine :thumbs:

aka Married Lizard
go for it!
most of my tanks, accessories, even sand are ebay bargins and I have had no problems what so ever. :thumbs:
ive got a couple of 2nd hand tanks and heaters, they all work fine. I brought my 500g tank new and then i seen one advertised with was 800g in the paper and it was less than half price! i dont know if i will buy new again........
New tanks are a ripoff generally compared to used. As mentioned above, if there are no issue's with leaks, go for it! I paid $100 (CAD) for my 30G with a canopy. Yesterday I saw the same tank in the buy & sells, except it was a package where you got the 30G plus a canopy, a 20G plus a canopy, and another 20G with canopy and nice teak stand, altogether for a combined price of $100. My LFS owner told me a while back that rather than buyuing new large tanks from him, watch the papers (turned down a sale for my better interest, this is why I stick with privately run LFS'). For a 10G, I'd probably still buy new as they're only $15, but anything 30G or bigger, check you local buy and sells for great deals.

My one and only tank is one I bought off a second cusin of mine. For 75 (cad) I got the tank, hood, light, a filter (which I replaced) gravel, fake plants.... Everything one needs to start up a tank.

You can really find some good deals if you are carefull to look in the right places!
I'd buy used as well. The only problem is that you may need to wait for a looong time before the right size shows up, while new ones are instantly obtainable. Often, I try to buy used equipments whenever I see a good used deal, and looks like I will be picking up a new tank on sale at the LFS. The price is pretty good, especially given that it is a new tank! ;)

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