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  • just crypts and swords, with an anubias ont he left hand bit of wood. no co2, no extra ferts, just left to do whatever they do. cheers.
    indeed, a lot of them have been rehomed from other tanks, ive been trying to get rid of some for a while, but money has been spent and i cant bring myself to give the lfs 35 quids worth of fish for free, that they will then sell on again. the tank is long, so plenty of floorpsace/territory for my catfish, everything gets on alright. but i do need to move some on. also its 142L, i got it wrong.
    hi i cant upload photo of my plec as think size is too large, id like you or someone to take a look at it, but can only do that via email, i have a hotmail acc i can send it from or pic of it is on pleco planet on facebook. thanks jane
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