Rummynoses, Black Neon Tetras, Three-Line Cories


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Apr 11, 2012
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Somewhere in the middle of nowhere, Norfolk, UK
3 Rummynoses, 6 Black neon Tetras and/or 2 Three-Line cories
Age and condition: All mature, healthy fish
Quantity for sale: See above
Reason for Sale: Three-lines: Want to boost the numbers of my other Cories, and only have two three-lines so not really an adequate group. Rummynoses- Had 4 Rummynoses die due to a bacterial infection unrelated to water quality which has now been dealt with.
Delivery or Collection: Will deliver personally depending on distance, but collection preferred.
Sales price:Exchange (Harlequin Rasbora or Sterbai cory shoal would be perfect, but other offers will be considered) Postage & Packaging: N/A
Location: Westacre, Near Swaffham in Norfolk

It is not essential that all species go to the same person, for example I would be happy to exchange the Threelines with one person, the Rummynoses with another etc. If considering exchange please provide details of the tank they will be going into. The Rummynoses and Threeline cories need bigger shoals so please bear that in mind before commenting (You're going to need to buy more of these species if you don't have some already)

Would also consider selling the fish.

Thanks, Sam!

All negotiations and questions must be posted in this sales thread and NOT by PM.

Communications may only be taken to PM once the sale and price has been agreed upon on the open forum and payment/collection details need to be given.
The agreement of the time and date of collection or postage, or confirmation that items have been posted should also be posted in the thread.

Please refrain from commenting unless you are interested in more details or are interested in buying.
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Feb 21, 2012
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Hi would be interested in the 3 line cories as already have 12 , 4 skunk ,4 bronze and 4 peppered and all get on great , would you be interested in 5 spotted headstanders as a swap , they are just fully grown and are great fish to have as slightly different and very easy to keep as eat anything also if you have any ornimantes with green algea on they will snack all day . I live in Harlow essex so not that far

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