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Jan 5, 2006
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Leeds W.Yorkshire
Well as some of you know I had some concerns about how Ty would react to moving house, for the last couple of weekends I have been taking him over to stay and so far he's been great. In fact he's been behaving alot better than before although when we go back to my dads for the week his behaviour goes back the other way! I think that is probably because Chris is spending all week at the house and isnt spending as much time with Ty. Ty is really missing Chris during the week and has taken to sleeping with me in bed on a night and chucking me back to my side of the bed, oh well only got to put up with it until Friday then its new house here we come! Thing is though I can tell Ty really misses my dad too when we get back he'll spend all evening with him on a Sunday and then when Chris goes back to the house he'll go and be in the lounge with my dad before coming up to bed to be with me (nice to know I'm so important in his life)

Still havent decided where Ty should sleep for definite yet thinking kitchen but until the washer is moved cant sort him out his corner so at the moment he sleeps in the lounge on a futon mattress (which he hasnt destroyed yet which is a miracle in itself). We leave the downstairs doors open on a night and he just stays there until I get up!

He's met the neighbours jack russell too which he's not too sure about, he's never had a dog live next door so its amuzing to watch his reaction when he sees her. The park is only a couple of minutes walk away and Ty LOVES going in fact he's a bit over keen to go and pulls nearly all the way which I'm going to have to put a stop to!

Also how on earth does anyone cope with having a dog and laminate flooring its driving me nuts I'm constantly sweeping up dog hair and dried mud along with moping up muddy paw prints, at least with carpet you dont notice it half as much I felt like :grr: shaving him and chopping off his paws. Good job I love that dog!
Yes we have an alarm one at my dads and one at my new place but you can set it so you can have the dog in a certain area and it not go off! Having an alarm was a main priority in the new house! Would never have a house without an alarm although Ty makes a great alarm in himself, kicks off at any stranger trying to come in especially when its just me in the house.

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