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Purpose And Rules Of This Section


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Aug 20, 2012
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The scientific section is just what it sounds like, a place on the forum to discuss, teach, learn, and sometimes debate the practices of our hobby based upon scientific principles.
For the other sections of the forum personal experience is acceptable "proof" of concept or practice but here in the scientific section it is not. Experience that is not documented is anecdotal and while useful in the regular performance of the hobby does not count for debate.
If you wish to engage in scientific discussion or debate please be prepared to show references to back up the points you are making. These can be links to PDF files, respectable web sites such as .gov or .edu sites, video evidence, or your own documented practices that meet scientific requirements.
It is not appropriate to leave out evidence, or ignore evidence, that might not be conducive to your point or claim. The idea of the scientific section is to meet the evidence head-on and if shown you having believed incorrect data to upgrade your knowledge to the newest scientific evidence on the subject.
The debating in the scientific section is not an exercise in debate tactics or the scoring of points it's simply about proving something is or is not a fact based upon the evidence. So while the debates may get "heated" the language used need not lean toward sophistry. This will not make you any more or less correct.
The Scientific Section is not for the faint of heart and the rigors of supporting your point will be adhered to. Anyone is free to ask questions of an inquisitive nature but questions designed to show flaws in someone's point or theory must eventually evolve into a new and supported point on the part of the examiner.


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