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Pull out shelf ideas

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Mike N

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Sep 15, 2021
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Green Bay, Wi
Hello everyone,

Im looking for ideas to build pull out shelves for a tank cabinet to slide out my canister filters for cleaning. Has anyone made some?

Thanks in advance, Mike
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What size tank is that? You should enter it in an upcoming Tank of the Month contest.

October is for 17 to 30 gal tanks
November is for tanks sized at 31 gallons and larger
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I do have a drawer for the dog food bin inside a kitchen cupboard. Material selection for fishy stuff that gets wet would be trickier.
The issue with pull out shelves holding a filter is the hoses. You would need extra hose so the shelf with the filter can come out without pulling the hoses out of the tank.
I'm thinking of the ones you can get for kitchen cabinets where you slide them out for easier access to what's at the back. Have seen them available online, not sure if they would work in your set up but could be worth researching.
I'm interested in this solution too. The hoses can be disconnected in the cabinet. Lifting the canister out for a clean is a pain so a sliding shelf would be really handy.
Headshrinker thats exactly what i’ve been thinking. Easy to undo quick disconnect hoses inside the cabinet but the lifting of the canister from inside the cabinet is Getting to be a pain. I must be getting old.

I think a piece of plywood with hardwood on the sides to hold full extension drawer slides and a very shallow drawer mounted on the drawer slides. Hard to explain. Ill try and make one and post a pick if it works.
Here is what I came up with. I thought others may be interested.
its 1/2” ply with oak around the sides. I used 14” full extension drawer slides.


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Very nice! I did something very similar but using mdf. It doesn't look as good as yours but is very functional and a gamechanger on water change day.

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