Pleco Laid Infertile Eggs?

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Jun 22, 2012
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I recently got a pleco just a matter of weeks ago. Looked at my tank tonight and noticed little white eggs on the front panel of glass and some of the plants.. I have only livebearer Mollies in the tank, 4 corydoras and a ton of snails! These don't look like the regular snail eggs, so my only guess is that they're for the new pleco! They're small, white little balls. 

But, if there's no male in the tank does that mean they're infertile? Please help! I've had to deal with so many molly babies and baby snails, i'm not sure I can handle more babies!

NEVERMIND! I'm so daft, I realised they're cory eggs!... I think..
Cory eggs most likely. Bn eggs are golden/orange. Here are some mine decided to put inside a sponged filter:

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