common pleco

  1. Guyb93

    Grow it out or pass on the problem

    A friend of mine bought a pleco Xmas time last year and was bought as a bristle nose common pleco at 0.5-1 inch in size , now April this pleco is 3-4 inches and 100% not a bn , I know the markings and the dorsal is telling me it’s not sailfin , this is a common pleco , I knew this after I agreed...
  2. Hannitah

    Pleco acting weird

    Hello! I have a common pleco in a 29 gal (along with just 1 female Betta because I have a sorority but she was too aggressive for everyone else but she's been good with Tom the plecosTOMus) anyway, recently Tom has been acting really odd. At times he will be super still, not even sucking on...
  3. K

    Pleco Laid Infertile Eggs?

    I recently got a pleco just a matter of weeks ago. Looked at my tank tonight and noticed little white eggs on the front panel of glass and some of the plants.. I have only livebearer Mollies in the tank, 4 corydoras and a ton of snails! These don't look like the regular snail eggs, so my only...