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Pensioner back in Hobby.


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Jan 13, 2020
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Norfolk, UK.
Always had a couple of fish tanks whilst the kids were growing up now retired and after a 20 year absence thought I would brighten up a corner of the room with a community tank nothing special just guppies/cardinals but the bug has bitten a bigger tank (fortunately saved from my last efforts) to house baby guppies and a couple of wagtail platies also interest in growing aquatic plants. Biggest thing thats changed after 20 yrs - LED lighting/power filters.g


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Dec 10, 2018
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I was fanatical..even worked for a while in Natural Sciences with ponds and aquariums on display...but long ago and about 10 years ago I stopped even home aquariums.
Be careful..because all the new things in the hobby mean that pension can get used up fast on all the new geegaws. Stay away from reef!..avoid Discus like a plague they are. Monster fish are best left in the Amazon!
Learn to relove Livebearers. They fit aquarium life so well. That's my other advice...don't knock your head on a wall with 4 eyed Anableps or Muskippers or any fish that are so specialized..or require live food. Last bit of sage advice? Ignore things that hide or are shy...They NEVER are happy and you won't be seeing them until they eat...and hide..then die faster than fish who are extroverts.