peace lilies going into hang on planters to grow out of a couple tanks...

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Jun 21, 2023
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4 arrived today...anyone else playing with these... I think they are supposed to be a good one, for aquariums
I may be going extreme in some cases... the hard water tank I have on the other side of the house, actually has 14 different vines growing out of it... mostly Pothos, but a few Philodendrons, & a Hoya vine growing in one of the filter reservoirs
I have a single peace lily in my 90L. Its roots are a haven for the fish.

Only been in the tank since March and it has worked wonders for the water quality.


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I have a bunch of "swiss cheese" monstera growing in my 125 gallon due to the numerous plecos in the tank. They have been in there for almost a year and have started to vine out under the tank. I have the chihiros lights on this tank and they get hot enough to tame the leaves in front.
I'm at work but when I get home I'll snap some pics.
Hello. Pretty plants. Make sure to remove all the potting mixture from the roots. Otherwise, the plant will die. If you want a land plant to live in a mostly water environment, you need to keep the leaves above the water and totally immerse the roots. You can help the plant adjust by placing an air stone directly underneath the roots and use an air pump that's strong enough to produce a lot of large bubbles. The bubbles will burst as they come in contact with the roots and when they break the water surface and give the roots more oxygen. This will mimic the environment the plant has living in potting soil and sitting on your living room table.

Agree with removing all soil from plant's roots prior to adding to tank.

I never needed to add air stone as plants took off naturally with the fish provided nutrients. The leaves are were gasses are exchanged, not the roots
yep... I always rinse the roots as clean as possible, & try to put the crown of the plant just above the water line...

BTW... typically I find the plants go dormant for around 30 days, after having their roots rinsed & being emersed... but then I start seeing the roots grow, & then the plants take off...

... and not in all cases, but I typically put pots in the circulation, either in the water flow, of the filters, or I use 10 inch air bars, & most have pot over them...

I've also tried lots of other plants, some work, & some suffer...
Hello. The roots will take in whatever nutrients dissolve in the tank water. Plant roots need oxygen just as much as the rest of the plant. Oxygen moves minerals and other nutrients throughout the plant. If you want healthy land plants in a semi water environment, go with an air stone. It's cheap and effective. Here are two house plants immersed in a 45 gallon fish tank with air stones in the baskets that hold up the plants. Oxygen works like a steroid to stimulate growth.



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Think its doing ok with what its got...since my tank is in a baselemt I do have some grow LED bulbs on a timer. One of the bulbs gives the plant a weird purple metallic look, it is green BTW.

Did some digging in my Google photos and found this from January 14, 2023.



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Looks about the size of my Monstera… my tank is on a bottom shelf with a 48 inch 24-7 led, and some over flow grow light strips, mine is actually planted in the the hang on pots I’ve been using, but the pots, with the bio media, are actually the only filters in the resovour on some old HOB filters

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