unusual plants you have or are growing in your aquarium...

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Magnum Man

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Jun 21, 2023
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Southern MN
I suppose these can be aquatic or Terrestrial plants in pots in the tanks...
I'm currently growing many Terrestrial plants... Floaters have been more of a challenge for me, as my tanks usually involve a lot of circulation ( though my water lettuce is growing like crazy, & I still have some Giant Duckweed, & a few sprigs of Frogbit )... and as far as aquatic plants, I have had the best luck with Java Ferns, I used to have several Water Lily's but they were suffering, because of too much circulation, the pads dominated & then got in big tangles...

so hydroponically potted Terrestrial plants has been where I've landed... unusual ones for me, so far, are Nile Lily's Tea Plants, & Calatheas... been considering trying a couple coffee plants, & have even looked at trying a couple Bonsai Olive trees...I had some Bonsai Willows going, but I don't think they got enough light intensity, as I sill have a few in a cup growing in the window, but the tank I had them in, is not getting any natural light... I've started buying more powerful 24 /7 LED aquarium lights, so I may be able to start some plants that need more light...

what are you growing... I'm mostly interested, in the non Pothos / Philodendron plants ( I have those as well... just trying to diversify more )... when I raised Tilapia outside last summer, I grew hydroponic veggies in the tanks, & the Tomatoes & Cucumbers went wild... I've seen Strawberrys that were grown in little Beta tanks... so the possibilities are endless...
Hello Magnum. I have a house plant called Chinese Evergreen. It's the only terrestrial plant that I've found that will thrive submerged in water and no soil.

@10 Tanks ...I have 2 Chinese evergreen's that are potted in hang on the side pots, that seem to be growing well, above the water, with their roots in the tank... you have some growing, that are actually submerged???
I have found that most of my terrestrial plants will grow well, with their roots in the tank, as long as the crown is above the water line... & I've had many Lucky Bamboo, that are submerged, for well over a year, but honestly they don't seem to grow, they are alive, still green, but haven't seemed to grow much fully submerged... if you can get a leaf or two above the water line they grow well as an emergent plant...
Hello again. There are several species of Aglaonema "Chinese Evergreen". Mine is the Cutlass variety. I have one in a 50 gallon tank. It's the variegated plant in the middle of the photo. The leaves on this plant are green with lighter green stripes or blotches. If you immerse the plant, most leaves that grew above the water will yellow and have to be removed. However, the new leaves that develop totally under water are acclimated to the water and grow very well in even lower light. This plant has been totally immersed for several months and is now sending out new roots. You can use this plant in a Terraphyte tank system that requires no water changes, ever.



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