overstocked? 20g

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May 10, 2004
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hi, before anyone freaks out i'd like to tell that this isn't my tank, but i know a guy that works at this fish store and he told me this is what he has in a 20g:

a salivini breeding pair
a rope fish
a fire eel
5 albino barbs
a dsicus
guppy fry

:blink: isnt' that just a tad OVERSTOCKED?
a rope fish alone at the very least needs a 35gal tank and grow at a very fast rate. That just goes to show how much alot of people who work at fs know. There are very few educated people in these departments.
yep, he makes me mad. i'm sure a discus alone can live with cichlids and all the other stuffhe has in there. Apaprently he keeps wish for show.

I keep fish to take care of them and make sure they're happy.

he does it just to show off and say "look at that funky fish i have!"
here is a piece of our conversation, i'm having trouble holding my anger in without cussing him off:

me: don't rope fish need a lot of room becuase they grow to be very big at a very fast rate?
me: keeping it in a smlal tank will just stunt its grwoth
him: rope fish i got him at 5 inches a bit bigger?
him: now he's like 7" at least
him: 20g is big enuff for it
him: i dont' mind stunting it
me: ese, that's the diff bewteen you and me
him: i actually plan to stunt some chiclids, and create dwarfs.
him: ya, there's this i plan to do, and things that are not acceptable to you
him: but my rope is happy n recognizes my hand from day 1
me: that's great, i'm sure he's happy being stunted
him: LOL..
him: 20 gallons way more then enuff at the moment
me: uh huh

You get a lot of people like that who work in lfs :angry: Mabye you should get a new tank for it or give to to a lfs or a friend. I did that once with my fish :)
*I* do NOT own that 20g, ti's the guy that works at the lfs that owns it :) sorry for any confusion
*wonders what cutecottens mailing address is so that she can send her a nice steel toe boot to get a little sense into her friend.

My suggestion would be to tell him to image being locked in a bathroom with a bunch of stinky people for a weekend while getting fed three times a day.

Fish are friends, not the lastest flavor of the week! (sorry very bad pun)
that evil ******!! my lfs keeper has 10 tanks in his home, I haven't asked him what he has though, although I'm sure nothing like that, he has a koi pond aswell.

when you stunt fish they die due to internal organs continueing growth right? of is this only in goldfish, koi etc?
Why are the other fish still alivie? There is a BREEDING PAIR OF SALVINIS IN THE TANK! My dad had a single salvini who beat the crud out of his other fish on a daily basis :crazy: That guy is overstocked, and i feel bad for that ropefish, who will not be able to reach his full 18 inch size :no:
i feel bad for that fire eel :sad: which he just got today. He insists that they ARE happy and healthy in that tank. and a DISCUS in 20g tank wtih all the other stuff in it? how is that even possible?! :crazy:

apparently he wanted to pruposely stunt some cichlids, breed them and get dwarf cichlids. Correct me if i'm wrong, but that's impossible right? since stunting them is something done AFTER brith it's not going to affect their DNA and genetics right?

this is pisses me off. And he said that if givent eh choice, and if he had a full grown oscar, he'd feed it bettas :(
It sounds like he is lying to me, Salvini's are one of the most aggressive central American cichlids and a breeding pair would in no way imaginable tolerate anything else in the tank if kept in a 20g.
With Genetics, DNA is the back ground to who you are or what something is, feels like, and looks like. DNA cannot be changed by the enviroment. So...Dwarfing Chiclids and haveing drawf Chichlids are imposssables. Also for a dwarf to give birth to a real sized one will be fatal. Anyways..... to get a dwarf chichlid you have to find a male and a female chiclids that are already genetically mutated and then breed them.

i know he is hurting the fish, and it amkes me sad! he wanted to try and breed bettas becuase i told him i got a sucessful spawn. He wnated to try it in a 2.5 or 5g (while i know its POSSIBLE, but for a first time beginniner? i dont' think so)

i dont' know anything about salvinis, but i dont' see how a breeding pair can live in that kind of condition without being stressed. Like i said before, he keeps fish for show, to show off to guests and ppl that comes over to his house. He doesn't consider the fish's well being.

personally, I keep fish to give them a happy home, and to watch them htrive, not just survive in my tank. In his 20g it looks like the fish is just surviving, minimal things, i doubt they are really happy.

Lets not forget he has guppy fry in there too :sad:
:grr: yeh maybe for .......like 2 days , I too think he's lying .

Of all the cichlid species I have kept[ many , not all] , Salvinis have the title of being the meanest [IMO] .

IMO , they make jewel cichlids , convicts and jack dempseys look like clergymen .

The only other cichlid that came close [ maybe a tie] was greenie my green terror .
I had a mated pair of Salvinis......ended up separating them , they were killing my other cichlids [ in a 70 gal, not a 20 ] nothing like the fish this guy claims to be keeping .

Well the male salvini and the green terror [ the name is fitting ] , and some others were put in a 55 gal , those 2 fish locked jaws and fought nonstop I have video some where we got a camcorder the day before" dwarfs "was born and went from him to the fish for a while .

I finally gave them away.

Salvinis are so beautiful , and would kill all those fish within days . :nod:
a1wonder said:
My suggestion would be to tell him to image being locked in a bathroom with a bunch of stinky people for a weekend while getting fed three times a day.
:rofl: That's the same type of analogy I use when people ask me why I change my tank water every week .

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