Oase 400 highline


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Jan 21, 2021
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I upgraded to this tank last year after first purchasing the fluval Roma 200.The main difference,apart from size,was that it came with a dry shaft for cables and an inbuilt filter outlet which is in the left hand corner.This aquarium also has a black painted background,something I didn’t realise when I was buying it,but I am now glad it has.The tank lid pushes down in order to lift it and has a sliding door which allows feeding while the lid is down.
The anthracite cabinet came with the tank and has levelling screws in the bottom four corners,two doors and one end has a shelf while the other holds the filter.The filter has a built in heater and a pre-filter,which is super handy,as I’ve only needed to clean the main filter once in 7 months.The filter also sits on a sliding shelf,meaning I don’t have to lift it out the cabinet when cleaning the pre-filter.
The light is an oase highline classic led,which wasn’t included in the price and to begin with I wish I hadn’t bought it,but it has grew on me since.The led tube holder can accommodate 4 leds,but each led has its own plug,so I would need a 4 socket extension just for the lights.I decided to run only one light,as four would be too much.There was a bit of an issue when the tank got delivered to the shop,the cabinet was smashed to pieces and the tank had a crack at the bottom,behind the aluminium substrate strip.I was very lucky to have seen the crack after turning the lights out and inspecting it with a torch.Anyway the shop offered to supply two led strips for free and I bought the other two.unfortunately the leds don’t change colour,although they are designed for plants anyway.
All in all it has been a great tank so far and has a sleek modern design that will look modern forever.I honestly don’t have any negatives to report,and if this is one of oases first steps from ponds to aquariums,then they are certainly moving in the right direction and can surely only get better.
One things for sure,I won’t ever need to buy another light for it,I now have 3 spare haha

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