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Probably gonna use this
I would be using everything as it is. Get it setup and then take a deep breath. Then think about improving things if you wish. Remember these fish are going to have had a hard enough day as it is without anymore changes. It is true that everything must come out of the tank before moving it. Why I say take half the water is at the end of the day it will be just like giving the tank a 50% water change.
But Substrate is not fun to re do. It’s not like pulling out a plant. It’s the foundation. The work will just be more in the end. IMO. Their setup is not good anyways for the breed to share water parameters like the guy above said. Best to get it right the first time. To replace substrate later it’s not worth it ..the labor work. That’s more stress for fish and owner on top of it. Fish death from move is no joke. How you plan to execute makes a difference. I really like the guys above suggestion.

Each water change is gonna eat a bottle of gh easily within a couple ..depends on the size of that tank too. That’s a high gh fish. Expensive fish so don’t take shortcuts 🙏🏻Believe me I moved once. Taking that water will be problematic from my POV also. Hope everything works out.
🙏🏻Please do not do buckets ..many ppl don’t plan their execute plan well and fish dies in bucket. Sorry, happy for you but also worried. Don’t mean to stress you. Just empty the tank like the guys said above. You have ppl here actually giving you good advice and here for you. Don’t stress. I was alone when I moved my babies. I wish I had ppl there for me bc I had to learn all by myself with no other hobby friend advisory. I didn’t sleep for a month after I moved. Confusing help is better than no help options so chin up❣️I’ve been through it and believe me you don’t need that water haul. It’s extra needless work you will look back and say why did i bother. Good luck! Morning move is better than late so it’s all good 👍🏻
Post pictures when set up and we can try to identify the fish for you. :)

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